Bruce Vilanch

Bruce Vilanch

Bruce Vilanch is the latest haboob to blow into Phoenix.  You may recognize him from his six years as a Hollywood Square celebrity, just to the left of Whoopi, if that's possible.  Or, you may have seen him singing, dancing and ironing as Edna Turnblad in the musical HAIRSPRAY at the Gammage Theatre/wedding cake in nearby Tempe.  Or, you may have heard of the 23 Oscar telecasts he has co-written, or the six Emmys he has won for one thing or another, or you may have actually seen his cherished performances in THE ICE PIRATES or THE MORNING AFTER, in which he cashes Jane Fonda's rubber check.  there's also a documentary made about him by the Weinstein brothers called GET BRUCE.  The sequel, called HAD BRUCE, will have a much larger cast.


Scorpius Dance Theater

All the right moves...
Celebrating 17 years in the Valley, Scorpius Dance Theatre has been a constant presence in the metropolitan Phoenix arts community since its debut, combining the motifs of humor, drama, and both organic and technical movement to form a very distinct brand of dance theater and aerial arts. Scorpius is best known for its highly accessible, full-length, themed productions such as CATWALK and Lisa Starry’s annual signature cult classic, A Vampire Tale.

Letitia Frye

Known as America’s foremost “Auctiontainer”, Letitia Frye is celebrating eleven years and over $300 million dollars raised in the fundraising industry. Her unique style, passion and uncanny ability to memorize content give way to engaging performance at each event. Letitia performs on stages all across America and is passionate, not only about the performance behind her fundraising, but in her time spent volunteering with her clients as well. Letitia’s commitment to the organizations and individuals they serve set her apart from the rest. Letitia is honored to be a part of the mission Aunt Rita’s, and looks forward to making this year’s Red is the Night event one of the best! 

Marshall Shore, RED is the Night Emcee

Marshall Shore, Arizona’s Hip Historian, is Librarian turned Hipstorian. After relocating to Arizona, Marshall often heard the cry “there is no history, here,” but that was simply not true. Following his passion for uncovering the weird, the wonderful, and the obscure treasures from our past: those semi-forgotten people, places, and events that have made us who we are today. He has developed an almost cult like following for sharing history through trivia, tours, and lectures. He was added to Echo Magazine’s Wall of Fame for preserving Arizona’s Gay and Lesbian history. He is the Project Manager for the Arizona LGBT+ History Project, a member of Phoenix’s Alhambra Village Planning Committee, the Arizona Vintage Sign Coalition, and Board Member for the Pioneer Cemetery.

Mike Mixers, DJ for RED is the Night

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