2016 Partner Agencies

The Bill Holt Clinic at Phoenix Children's Hospital is the only pediatric HIV clinic in the state of Arizona providing comprehensive care for children and adolescents exposed to or infected with HIV. 

Chicanos Por La Causa L.U.C.E.S program provides HIV support services to hundreds of people living with HIV/AIDS with case management and behavioral health programs. It also provides HIV education and resources to thousands of at-risk Latinos in Maricopa and Pinal Counties.

Compassion in Action is committed to equipping and mobilizing local churches and Christ-followers to reach out with the love and compassion of Jesus to care for the needs of people touched by HIV/AIDS. Food boxes, congregate meals, and group support meetings are provided. 

Ebony House provides advanced street outreach teams that focus on African-American communities in Maricopa and parts of Pinal County. Case management, free HIV Testing, and behavioral health are among their services. 

HEAL International is a youth organization dedicated to improving health and health care in underserved communities. HEAL International provides health education and outreach including HIV/AIDS prevention. 

HIV/AIDS Law Project assists individuals with HIV/AIDS to lead lives of greater independence and self-determination by providing the highest quality civil legal assistance to the HIV-infected communities of Maricopa and Pinal Counties.

HIV Care Directions provides case management, comprehensive assessment, care planning, advocacy, supportive counseling, and links HIV positive clients to a wide array of services.   Transportation and housing programs are also provided.

Joshua Tree provides nourishment to low-income HIV+ residents of Maricopa County. Balanced meals and community resources to encourage self-sustainability are offered in a supportive and welcoming environment where privacy, cultural, spiritual and religious values are respected.

McDowell Healthcare Center, owned and operated by the Maricopa Integrated Health System, provides outpatient medical care, behavioral health services, and oral health care to people living with HIV/AIDS.

Native Health provides HIV counseling and testing services as well as individual and community-level interventions for youth. Native Health wages a valley-wide response to the disproportionately high impact of HIV on Native people in the Phoenix area.

One-n-ten provides a safe environment for LGBTQA youth to develop positive self-acceptance. One-n-ten believes in empowering LGBTQA youth by providing social, cultural and educational programming that promotes positive life decisions. 

Phoenix Shanti Group promotes personal empowerment and promotes “inner peace” or “shanti”. Client services include a homeless transitional housing program, permanent supportive housing, outpatient substance abuse treatment, counseling and mental health services.

Project Hard Hat promotes the practice of safer sex among gay and bisexual men in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area through education and  state-wide  condom distribution.

Southwest Behavioral Health Services operates and manages five housing programs within the Phoenix area for individuals and families living with HIV/AIDS and provides emergency financial assistance to 300-400 people faced with housing loss. 

Southwest Center for HIV/AIDS provides an array of medical and behavioral health services to persons living with HIV, as well as offering free HIV/STI testing, prevention, and education programs. 

TERROS offers several HIV/STI Prevention program services throughout Maricopa County, with substance abuse and homeless programs.  Early HIV intervention services are also offered.



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