May I bring Alcohol?

Where Can I Park?

Is there Food?

Where Does the Walk Gather?

Where Does the Walk Start?

How Long is the Walk?

What if I or my Pet Get Tired Along the Way?

May I Wear Rollerblades, Ride a Skateboard or Scooter, or Segway during the Walk?

What if I need Special Accommodations to Participate?

Can I bring a Stroller to the Event?

Can I register at the Event?

How do I Turn in Money Donated to me After the Walk?

What Does it Cost to Register?

May I Raise Additional Funds?

May my Friends, family and office walk as a team?

Where does the money raised by the Walk go?

What Forms of Payment do you take?

How can my dog participate in AIDS Walk Arizona & 5K Run?

Where will my dog check-in at pick up their bandanna?

What time does the Run and Walk start?

Is the 5K Run timed?

Where is Packet Pickup?

May I run with my dog?

Where will results be posted?

How do I register as a Running Team? 

May I bring Alcohol? 


Where Can I park? 

As of 2014, all on-street metered parking in downtown Phoenix is NO LONGER FREE on Sundays. Meters will be available but are monitored 7 days a week. The Wells Fargo parking garage will have event parking for $5 the day of the event. The entrance is off 2nd Avenue north of Washington. You may also take the light rail to the Van Buren/1st Avenue stop.

Is there food? 

Where does the Walk gather?

The AIDS Walk Festival starts at located at 3rd Avenue and Washington in front of Phoenix City Hall. 

Where does the walk start?

The Walk Starts at 3rd Avenue and Washington.

How long is the Walk?

AIDS Walk Arizona & 5K Run is a 5K event (about 3.1 miles) and should take a typical walker about an hour to complete. Paws for the Cause participants may choose to take the designated Waggin' Trails for a shorter route. 

What if I (Or my Pet) get tired along the way?

There will be shaded rest stops along the route, with water for both participants and pets. We can also provide a ride back to the finish line if you get too tired. Paws for the Cause participants (and their owners) may choose to take the designated Waggin' Trails for a shorter route.

May I wear rollerblades, ride a skateboard or scooter, or Segway the event?

No. AIDS Walk Arizona and 5K Run is a running and walking event only. However, strollers, wheelchairs, and pull wagons are welcome.

What if I need special accommodations to participate?

Please call 602-904-6001 at least 48 hours before the Walk. We will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Can I bring a Stroller to the Event?

Yes! AIDS Walk Arizona & 5K Run is a Family Friendly Event, please feel free to bring your strollers. Children under 12 and under can walk for free or register as a Kids For The Cause!

How do I register the day of the event?

There will be a large area to quickly process race-day registrations and AIDS Walk Arizona & 5K Run will be accepting cash, check and credit cards. You may also turn in any additional funds you have collected. Remember, a fun prize will be awarded based upon how much you raise.

How do I turn in money given to me after the Walk?

Please send a check for any donations collected after AIDS Walk to:
Aunt Rita's Foundation
2700 N 3rd St. Suite 2012
Phoenix, AZ 85004
Please do not mail cash. You may also call 602-904-6001 to arrange to drop-off funds in person. Remember, you can turn in additional funds until 7:30 AM, Sunday October 25th, to qualify for prizes.

What does it cost to register?

The registration fee for adult walkers is $35. The registration fee includes an official AIDS Walk Arizona & 5K Run T-shirt. Children are free.
The registration fee for adult runners is $35 until 10/22, or $40 the last week and in person at the event.
Students can register for a discounted fee of $15.
All children 12 and under are Free, & must be accompanied by an adult. They can register for Kids For The Cause if they wish.
Friendly, good-natured dogs can take part in Paws for the Cause for $10 and receive a commemorative bandanna and a bag of treats. Dogs taking part in the event must be registered, and each walker can register up to two dogs. Assistance dogs are not charged to participate, but must be registered by phone-please call 602-904-6001 for more information.
Your other pets (cats, birds, lizards, etc.) can register as a Virtual Pet for $10. While they are not allowed at the walk, they can still support their owners and have their own fundraising page.

May I raise additional funds?

Absolutely! After registering online for the Walk or 5K Run, you may send emails to friends, family, co-workers, etc. and ask them to support you by donating to your Walk effort. A fun prize will be awarded to the top fundraisers! If you receive cash or check donations, please bring these with you to the event and turn them in before the start of the walk.
Set a fundraising goal and watch as your ribbon fills towards your goal!

May my friends, family or office walk as a Team?

Absolutely! Simply create a name for your team and designate someone as your team captain. Have them register online using the Start A New Team option. All participants can join the team as part of the walker/runner registration process.

Where does the money raised by the Walk go?

Funds raised by AIDS Walk Arizona & 5K Run support 16 partner agencies providing HIV prevention, health care and social services to people infected with and affected by HIV. Funds raised by the Walk are distributed equally to each agency.

What forms of payment do you take?

We take Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express, cash, and checks.

How can my dog participate in AIDS Walk Arizona & 5K Run?

You may register your friendly, good-natured dog when you register. Your dog may accompany you on the WALK, but you must keep your dog leashed and under your control at all times. Each owner knows their dog best, although there will be water stations along the route, if you feel your dog gets thirsty more frequently, please ensure you are prepared in advance to accommodate their need. As well, there will be waste bags provided as we want to ensure dog owner is able to clean up after any accidents as needed. Additional funds can also be raised in your pet's name. Fundraising tips and tools for pets can be found on the AIDS Walk website (AIDSWalkPhoenix.org). Recognition and fantastic prizes will be given to the three dogs that raise the most money!

Where will my dog check-in and pick up their bandanna?

We will be checking in dogs and distributing bandannas at the PAWS for the Cause tent located conveniently near the Registration Area on the day of the Walk. We will also be giving out treats and other goodies from some of our sponsors.

What time does the Run and Walk start?

The Run will start promptly at 9:00 AM and the Walk will begin approximately 10 minutes after the last runner has passed the starting line.

Is the 5K Run timed?

Yes. The run will be timed by Raceplace Events.

Where is Packet Pickup?

In the week prior to the Walk & Run
Wed-Fri: 8 AM - 7 PM Saturday: 8 AM - 12 PM Location
2700 N 3rd ST Suite 2012 Phoenix, AZ 85004 Learn More

May I run and walk?

Yes. After completing the Run many people rejoin their friends and do the walk.

May I run with my Pet?

No. Pets are only allowed with the walkers. Running with your pet is dangerous to you, your fellow runners, and your pet.

Where will results be posted?

The results will be posted at registration shortly after the run completes and can be found online later on Sunday after the race.

How do I register as a Running Team?

Registering as a running team is easy, any team with runners on it is considered a Running Team.
Register as a Runner, or as a group of Runners / Walkers & Runners. Answer the Team Membership question with: -Starting a new Team- If your team has at least 5 runners on it, then you are a Running Team. – How are Running Teams Scored? Fast Team is based on the average time of your 5 fastest runners Largest Team is based on the team with the most Run Finishers

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